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Read below about services for your gate repair and maintenance needs at work and at home. Tips from our experts!

Are you careful with your kids?

Many drivers have the habit of speeding up as they pass the driveway gate and there is always the danger of kids running around. Gate Repair Lakeside recommends slowing down when you approach the steel gate for the avoidance of accidents. You must drive slowly in the driveway and put more lights in the yard to improve visibility.

The use of the gate opener keypad

A good gate intercom system will allow you to check and communicate with your visitors before they enter your driveway. These systems work with a personal code, which can be trusted to the people you want and can be changed easily. In fact, changing the code of the gate opener keypad is essential to your safety and recommended by Gate Repair Lakeside.

Choose a modern opener

All electric mechanisms may be dangerous but the possibilities will diminish if you play by the rules and install reliable residential gate openers. The technicians at Gate Repair Lakeside insist that good maintenance and gate opener repair will keep you safe and the gate would work just fine. You must prefer openers with sensors and backup battery in case the power is out.

The best gate material

There is no doubt that ornamental iron gates are beautiful, durable and not very expensive. You can find cheaper metal options as well as more expensive ones if you like the natural beauty of wood. Though, since the gate is exposed to elements at all times Gate Repair Lakeside would suggest choosing according to the weather conditions of your area to avoid frequent gate service.

Motorized gate operation

It can be extremely dangerous to reach through a motorized gate and use the gate opener controls. In fact the controls should not be placed anywhere close to the gate or its opener. They should be placed at least 10 feet away. If the gate suddenly opens or shuts, it can be even fatal.

Replace old and deteriorated gate openers

According to our experts, it’s not too safe keeping gate openers that are almost completely deteriorated and barely working. Although it still works, no matter how slightly, you shouldn’t wait for it to stop completely. Avoid the impending problem and have it replaced right away.

Keep a back-up power supply

When power suddenly dies, some electric gates won’t move even manually. To avoid this, a back-up power supply is recommended and is usually worth the investment.

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