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Read on for answers to frequently asked questions on gate repair and door maintenance. Find out how to program your gate clicker, discover opener prices and the importance of installing pedestrian doors as well.

How do I program my new gate remote?

Gate openers have a learn button which you can find when you remove the light cover on the gate opener. To program a new gate remote into the system simply hold the learn button until the indicator light on the opener blinks. Press the button on your remote while the indicator light is blinking. Test the new gate remote by pressing it once to see if the door moves.

What are pedestrian gates?

Usually gates are intended for vehicles. There are also gates intended for people and these are referred to as pedestrian gates. The design of this gate is in sync with that of the main gate. It forms part of the main gate. This gate usually comes with other mechanisms like buzzers, door bells and intercom. These devices are installed in the pedestrian gates to facilitate communication to whoever is outside and wants to come in.

How much does a gate opener cost?

The cost is typically between a few hundred dollars and more, depending on the features and capabilities of the operator. This cost does not include installation and extra features and accessories. You can find discount deals which can help you keep the cost down. For more information, contact our representatives in Lakeside.

What are the advantages of intercom systems?

Gate intercom systems will allow you to have full control over your gate entrance. You can talk to your visitors and you can see them. You can record activity around the gate, have several cameras, deny access or let visitors in even if you're not home.

How do hydraulic gates function?

Hydraulic gates use hydraulic fluids that control the motion of gates. They are especially good for larger gates as they need few moving parts and can generate more power than their mechanical counterparts. These gates are also non-locking so it's easier to access control systems in case of accidents.

What are the advantages of swing gates?

According our gate experts in Lakeside, swing gates offer the advantage of being traditional aesthetic. They easily blend with the overall appearance of a property. Also, they are cheaper. Gate hinge repair is usually the only kind of repair they need, although they may necessitate occasional swing gate adjustment to address balance issues.

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