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Are you looking for a special gate with a certain design but can't find what you are looking for. Visit our local Custom Made Gates company in Lakeside. Our team of gate contractors and craftsman can help you design the gate that you desire. Our company has been open for many years and we keep growing each day. Our customers recommend us to their friends and family and to other businesses. We are open 24/7 emergency service we do not close at 5 P.M on Friday we are open all the time day or night. And you do not need to worry about high prices we have the best price’s in Lakeside. We will give you a free estimate so you can compare our Custom Made Gates to other companies. Custom Made Gates

Safety and exit loops are connected with residential gate openers for a purpose. The exit loops sense the car's weight and open the gate so the vehicle can exit. The safety loops sense there is another car waiting to come in or out and keep the gate from closing. If sensing that something is wrong with either of the loops, notify our company. Technicians will be there to check out the problem soon and offers fast exit & safety loops repair plus makes sure the service is carried out with attention. We retain knowledge of how to troubleshoot and fix loops whether they are disconnected or their wires are worn. Rest assured that earnest technicians work with the right equipment for loops repairs and have great experience in such services.

Our Custom Made Gates service company in Lakeside installs many different types of gates. We can repair, install and weld all of the gates listed below. A custom made gates can be a different size than our standard gate. A gate contractor can come to your home or business and measure the area where the gate is needed to ensure that you gate the right size gate. Our Custom Made Gates Company can customize the following types of gates:

  • Overhead Gates
  • Sliding Gates
  • Swing Gates
  • Wrought Iron Gates
  • Pedestrian Gates
  • Driveway Gates
  • Parking Garage Gates
  • Residential and Commercial Gates

We also do the repair on these types of gates as well as repair and install electric and automatic gates.

Our company guarantees all of our gates rather they are standard gates or custom made gates. We keep our customers satisfied with the great service that we provide.  If you want to design your own Custom Made Gates no problem one of our craftsman and gate contractors can assist you, we custom make gates for commercial businesses as well as residential homes. Many companies like their company name in the design of the gate. Our gate contractors can have your Custom Made Gates installed in just one day. The installation of a gate is really simple and our contractors make it look even easier. 

All of our technicians are experinced

Having a Custom Made Gates or any type of gate will keep unwanted people from entering your property. Having a gate that can only be opened with a code is great. Our gate contractors can also install a phone entry system-intercom on your front gate. This way you can keep your gate closed at all times and anyone wanting in will have to get clearance before the gate will open. This device is added security for your property. Like all of our products are Custom Made Gates are under warranty.

Our Custom Made Gates Company in Lakeside California is the best company in the area. The services that we provide to our customers are fantastic and they include 24/7 emergency service, free estimates and great prices. We guarantee our products and services. Our gate contractors are the best there is. We can handle any type of installation job large or small. 

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