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Gate as well as garage door problems become issues of the past with the excellent services of “Gate Repair Lakeside”. Some customers have worked with our gate specialists and some have experience with our garage door repair services. In either case, the results of our expert work are amazing since our company is a great contractor for both gate and garage door services. We are proud to have expert technicians and outstanding equipment, thus we can assure each client that services are performed properly, on time, 24/7 and efficiently.

We provide expert garage door repair services

Garage Door Repair in LakesideOur expertise in garage doors is reflected in every service and we can assure you that we are always focused on what you need and the requirements of your overhead door. We have experience with all door types and the efficiency to fix every part properly. It will be our privilege to provide our customers with services, like:

Sectional doors replacement
We excel in garage door panel replacement and can replace as many panels of your sectional doors as it is required. Our staff will help you detect the suitable panel for the door and our technicians have the knowledge to replace the entire sectional door at your convenience. We are punctual and accurate.

Garage door springs repairs
We provide garage door springs adjustment and 24 hour emergency services. We excel in spring replacement whether you have torsion or extension garage door springs and we always check and repair the cable, its drum and extension spring pulleys.

Automatic opener service
We service electric garage openers with great attention and give great importance to the condition of the motor and of the sensors. We will adjust sensors if the reverse mechanism is not working well and will tighten the door arm and every bolt of the system. We make sure every part is checked including the backup battery and the force limit.

Weather seal replacement
When the weather strips are damaged, garage insulation is compromised and that's why we recommend the best seals to our customers and order them from the finest industries. We make sure the weather seals are installed properly and since the bottom seal is ruined faster, we'll be there exclusively to replace it.

Lubrication maintenance
We offer same day lubrication maintenance when the garage door noise is loud, and make sure parts are lubricated well during preventive services as well. We use quality products and make sure the lubricants oil well the moving parts.

Garage door cable replacement
When cables are broken, there is no way to fix them. Cables hold the door's weight and help springs to lift it up and so when they break, they must be replaced. We provide the best cable replacement, respond as soon as possible to your call and do an efficient job.

It is important for our customers to know that we are also 24 hour contractors and will arrive at their property for repairs as soon as they will report an urgent problem. It is also reassuring for you to know that our work is always done with accuracy and diligence. We are never in haste and make sure garage door parts are checked and tested before we leave. Our teams are at your disposal for your needs and available to answer questions and provide consultation. You can depend on us and so you can call us for every problem!

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